Mission Statement


Waterfront Writers Mission Statement 


Waterfront Writers are a group of people who share their poetry and prose at weekly afternoon meetings in Swarthmore Meeting House, a building  which was founded by the Quakers, a religious organisation. As respectful users of this venue Waterfront Writers are now, and will be in the future, family friendly.   

This means that all material produced by members,  whether spoken at meetings, put on the Waterfront website,  performed  or issued in writing of any form should not contain profanity, strong language, blatant sexual content or extreme violence.

This proposal to abide by these standards was voted on and accepted by all members who attended the 2016 AGM and is now part of the Waterfront Constitution.  From the date of the AGM any material that was previously put onto the website or put out into the public domain which is not considered by the Committee to be family friendly has been removed or will not in future be used. It also means that material read out at meetings will be subject to the same standards.

Also, all members are reminded that if they want their work to be included in an anthology or on the website it is their responsibility to ensure that their work conforms to the standards otherwise it may not be accepted. Members are also responsible for checking their own spelling and grammar before they submit their work.  Entries cannot be edited once they have been accepted for publication.